"Digitization is upending many core tenets of competition among industries by lowering the cost of entering markets and providing high-speed passing lanes to scale up enterprises. At the extreme are hyperscale businesses that are pushing the new rules of digitization so radically that they are challenging conventional management intuition about scale and complexity. These businesses have users, customers, devices, or interactions numbered in the hundreds of millions, billions, or more. Billions of interactions and data points, in turn, mean that events with only a one-in-a-million probability are happening many times a day."

McKinsey & Co.

Hyperscale Group delivers a range of  services in relation to Innovation, Digital, Futures, Strategy, Operational Excellence and more. We work for corporates, in house legal teams, software companies, venture capitalists, SMEs, start-ups, law firms and other professional services businesses.

The company also focuses on supporting businesses seeking growth. We help companies to develop strategies to accelerate innovation. We help them to maximise their potential in an increasingly digitised and complex world.

Hyperscale Group prides itself on its experience, contacts and ability to help its clients to succeed.


Hyperscale Group’s purpose is to help its clients to succeed in an increasingly complex and digitised world. We work hard to turn threats into opportunities, uncertainty into strategy and ideas into delivery in a world where exponential has become the new normal.


Unlike many other businesses the way we work is driven by you and your needs although we have tried and tested methodologies should you need them.

Our retained advisory model tends to deliver high levels of value at a fraction of the cost of employing someone. 

Our Values

Our values are to:

  • bring energy, enthusiasm and passion to what we do;

  • care and set an example to others;

  • proactively look after our client’s interests;

  • make a difference;

  • act with integrity;

  • treat clients, our people, suppliers and partners properly;

  • be valued team players;

  • comply with the law;

  • respect the environment; and

  • do the right thing


Hyperscale Group play a strategic role in supporting major businesses in digital, innovation and related areas. We work hard to support our clients’ interests but our focus on this is balanced by integrity and our respect for people, diversity and the communities in which we live and work. Our people, business partners and suppliers have to adhere to our Code of Ethics together with our Corporate Responsibility policies and aspirations. In a fast changing world these codes and policies are kept under constant review.