Hyperscale Group Launches Emerging Legal and Digital Technology Training Solutions

The legal profession is undergoing unprecedented change. Technological advancement and the adoption of new models is becoming a necessity for those who want to remain competitive. To survive in the fast-paced digital world law firms need to be able to respond quickly and easily to changing conditions, client requirements and competitor activity. It is vital to be up to date with changes being driven by technology and to understand the opportunities and threats associated with them.

Hyperscale Group now offer a range of training programmes to support and advise partners, lawyers and business service professionals in a fast moving, increasingly digitised world. We will help them understand the business opportunities available to them and how to choose and implement the most appropriate new and emerging technologies.

With huge experience in the legal sector, our founder Derek Southall will demonstrate the opportunities available to firms to leverage new technologies in order to improve efficiency and solve problems. In our training sessions we will equip people with a strong understanding of how to innovate and avoid the common pitfalls.

The sessions focus on the following:

* Our world and changes in the legal market

* Our future – the technological changes coming our way

* Practical solutions for law firms

* Making it happen – lessons learnt

Choose your training options from those offered below:

* Half day training/workshop (up to 14 people)

* Full day training/workshop (up to 14 people)

* 3 x 1 hour training sessions in one day (normally on site aimed at multiple groups)

Derek is also available for speaking slots at partner’s conferences.

Similar training sessions and awayday services are also available for in house legal teams.

Training can take place at your offices or at our conveniently located office immediately opposite New Street train station, Birmingham.

For further information about any of the above training options please contact Derek on +44(0)7980 125125 or dereksouthall@hyperscalegroup.com.

Sultan Khan