Hyperscale Group Launch Knowledge Management Review and Advisory Services

Hyperscale Group Launch Knowledge Management Review and Advisory Services

The world of Knowledge Management is undergoing huge change; business needs are altering, and the focus of and needs of professional services firms are hugely different to the past. Professional Support Lawyers (“PSLs”) now need to have a different focus to deliver value where it is needed.

Innovation, Business Transformation and Knowledge Management are becoming the “Holy Trilogy” behind delivering efficiency improvements, sales and growing in new markets. Sector focus and the growth in new products are also demanding new approaches, skills and roles.

Hyperscale Group has a huge amount experience in this area (please see our founder). We are now supporting our clients with our new Knowledge Management Review and Advisory Service.

We can carry out a comprehensive review of your current approach to Knowledge Management and analysis of systems and processes already in place. We conduct face to face interviews with key stakeholders and also poll the views of the wider team to understand what could change or be improved upon. We analyse your maturity and present back our findings with a vision for modernisation to deliver more strategic value and recommendations for prioritisation. If requested, we can help with implementation of our recommendations.

Wider advisory services we can deliver include:

* AI & technology implementation

* Digitisation

* Digital & technology education

* Firm & practice area strategy

* Functional Design

* Innovation

* Knowledge Management systems

* Modernisation

* Prioritisation & demand management

* Procurement & cost management

* Product Launch

* PSL career development

* PSL reviews

* PSL structures

* Strategy

* Troubleshooting

For further information about any of the above please contact Derek Southall on +44 (0)7980 125125 or dereksouthall@hyperscalegroup.com.

Sultan Khan