Hyperscale Group Launch Two Innovation Services

We are living in exponential times where innovation is becoming a vital component of success. A strong and sustainable capability in this space is becoming increasingly important in a world undergoing unparalleled change. 

Taking the right decisions in this area and making real progress has perhaps never been more crucial to satisfy changing client demand. Innovation is “personal” too – your approach will be affected by your strategy, market, resources and legacy capability.

Hyperscale Group has huge experience in this area (please see our founder). We are now supporting our clients with two new services - Innovation Reviews and Innovation Support – “Innovation as a Service”.

Innovation Reviews

We can accelerate your efforts in this space. We undertake fixed price reviews of your innovation strategies, structures and achievements. We do this by analysing your innovation efforts from 12 strategic dimensions by a combination of stakeholder interviews, reviews of documentation, capability and online surveys. We analyse your innovation maturity and present back our findings together with recommendations for how you can bring about a step change in your progress.

We can offer both fast track reviews and full innovation review options, whichever will be most effective and create the desired results for your business.

Innovation Support – “Innovation as a Service”

Many businesses are encountering challenges in delivering the outputs and results their businesses and clients need. Full service firms in particular have multiple practice areas to support, legacy IT to migrate from and competing demands on fee earner time. Saying “no” to some of these projects is not an option as they go to the core of service delivery whether they be AI, Bots, RPA systems or the launch of new products and Business of Law approaches.

We can help you manage and drive your innovation portfolio. We can accelerate your progress with our “Innovation as a Service” approach on specific projects. We can supplement and/or work hand in hand with your internal team to help you make the right things happen. We can run projects in their entirety, form part of your team or supplement your knowledge to get results quicker. We are flexible in our approach, we can work on a retainer or specific project basis.

For further information about either of the above please contact Derek Southall on +44 (0)7980 125125 or dereksouthall@hyperscalegroup.com.

Sultan Khan