Hyperscale Group celebrates it's first year!

And so it has gone in a flash but Hyperscale Group was born a year ago today....

A number of our contacts encouraged us to launch in a market which is undergoing huge change. In many ways we were “built” for these times and with over 25 years worth of senior leadership and operational experience we have a lot to give.

We owe a huge thank you to our clients and contacts who have been superb. Our first year has been better than we could ever have hoped - a fantastic mix of great clients, advisory work and projects. It has been massively enjoyable and we have been privileged to have worked with some very talented people. We have been engaged by clients based in London and various parts of the UK, Ireland, Holland, the US, Hong Kong and Australia. Our work has included:

  • Technology reviews

  • Structuring for growth/organisational strategy

  • AI and RPA system reviews and implementation

  • Knowledge Management strategies and reviews

  • Innovation strategies

  • CTO recruitment

  • In house advisory work

  • PMO/Interim PMO work

  • In House Legal System reviews

  • Procurement and negotiation

  • RFIs

  • Partner’s conferences/organisation

  • Keynote presentations

  • Start up advisory work

  • Management strategy workshops

  • In house legal team training

We are continuing to grow Hyperscale Group and invest- in the next year you will hear more as we continue to build our team and capability (in addition to our existing associates). We have also extended into the world of fascinating start ups and have invested in Kompas and Farillio.

Finally we also wanted to mention one other area where your support has been invaluable. Over the last year we have financed the education of five children in deprived areas of Tanzania via the Joshua foundation (who one of our Directors visited last year). We will be continuing with this support and are now working to fund the purchase of 30 laptops for the same school. They currently barely have access to any technology and so our clients are helping to solve this problem too. 

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of our clients and contacts for your support and business. We really do value your custom, ideas and referrals and look forward to working with you over the coming years.


Sultan Khan