Hyperscale Group visits The Joshua Foundation, Tanzania, its nominated charity


Suzanne Southall, a Director of Hyperscale Group Limited, recently spent a week in Arusha, Tanzania meeting with Alan & Lynda Stephenson, founders of The Joshua Foundation (TJF) a Tanzania-based charitable organisation which is Hyperscale Group's chosen  charity. 

Amongst other aims, The Joshua Foundation seeks to provide quality Christian education to underprivileged Tanzanian children aged between 5-13 years at The Joshua School.  

The School employs a holistic model of education, rather than rote learning, in order to encourage the children to be creative, critical thinkers. A values-based curriculum is the bedrock of the school, giving students tools for life, not just academic knowledge. Teaching the children in English, rather than Swahili, is another way this school is different. It equips students with a vital language skill that can enhance their education and career opportunities when they move on to secondary education and beyond. 

Class sizes here are much smaller than the National average, with about 30 children per class, rather than 100 plus in government schools. The school day also includes a fortified breakfast and lunch, which is an added bonus as many children come from impoverished families. The extra food  boosts concentration, performance and general health. 

Alan & Lynda reported that slowly the school is impacting on the local community, by involving parents in their children's education and exposing them to a new way of thinking. Currently three new classrooms are being completed on campus and plans are afoot to build more housing for teachers on site in 2018. 

Hyperscale Group is currently engaging with the Joshua Foundation to agree how we can best support them in these new projects.  Currently we are sponsoring the education of 5 of the Joshua children and we hope to increase this number in 2018. 

If you would like to know more, make a donation or support a child please email Suzanne at suzannesouthall@hyperscalegroup.com  or visit www.joshuaschoolarusha.com

Derek Southall